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with some personal comments by the webmaster

Current availability:    √ indicates runs under OSX Lion, √√ runs under Mountain Lion

ReUnion by Leister Productions    Version 10.0.3 √
    US$99, rather expensive, can export data to an iPhone or iPod Touch (see video) ,
Can be purchased from Beehive Books NZ
  Also see Reunion for iPad (see video) App Store

Family Tree Maker for Mac 2   
    Developer/Publisher: Ancestry.com and Nova Development ,   
    Transfer files to and from the Windows version. Integrate with Ancestry.com.
     Retail: USD 69.95
    Macworld article
                plus Ancestry app for iPads and iPhones/iPod Touch App Store

iFamily for Leopard , now updated to version 2.752 √√
    (excellent, US$30, can export data to an iPhone or iPod Touch)

MacFamilyTree    by Synium Software    now at version 6 √
    (US$27.99, popular in Europe, can export data to an iPhone or iPod Touch click for details)
    See also Mobile Family Tree for iPad

Personal Ancestry Writer II            (based on PAF, free, basic, last updated 2007)
Now replaced by   PAW2U by Howard H. Metcalfe Version 100, July 2011    (free)

All of these support GEDCOM import/export.             

With so much choice, what are the important features?  They are likely to be influenced by your hardware, screen size, preferred method of working and of sharing your tree, etc..  I suggest that modern genealogy programs will be built around an efficient database, with a excellent user interface/experience.

In my case using an iMac with a 27 inch screen, iFamilyForLeopard (Lion compatible) stands out.
I like the the large graphical display that allows to see as much of the tree as I want, to have my web browser open alongside, entering and updating data directly onto the display, instantaneous updating of the database.

A good way of sharing your tree is to export it as web pages.  This can uploaded as a web site, but can also be written to a CD or DVD which can be used on any computer. 
Most programs allow upload to iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. All of these provide navigation around the tree. 
Link to list of iPad programs    For a Keynote presentation, email the webmanager

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