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BYLAWS, including amendments from 3 November 2001.


1.1 The Genealogical Computing Group (GCG) is a recognised special interest group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Incorporated (NZSG Inc.) and is constituted in accordance with the constitution of the NZSG Inc.

1.2 Nothing in these by-laws is to be read as contravening the rules and regulations of the NZSG Inc.


2.1 The aims and objectives of the Genealogical Computing Group are as follows:

a) To foster and encourage the use of computers as a tool for genealogical research.

b) To provide members of the GCG with information and advice on the use of computers and their programs.

c) To organise computer assisted projects related to the storage, retrieval, and indexing of genealogical information.


3.1 Membership of the Genealogical Computing Group is open to anyone having an interest in computers for genealogy whether or not they possess a computer. Members are to be encouraged to join the NZSG Inc. Any member who is not a current financial member of the NZSG Inc. is ineligible to stand for or be elected to the committee of the GCG or its sub-groups, nor to be co-opted to hold any office.

3.2 The joining fee and annual subscription to the GCG will be decided by motion at the Annual General Meeting each year. The annual subscription is due by 31st December of that year.

3.3 Members who fail to pay their annual subscription by the following 28 February will be deemed unfinancial and will not receive any privileges. They may at the discretion of the committee be required to pay a joining fee in order to become reinstated.

3.4 Membership may be terminated by letter of resignation. Fees paid by members who subsequently resign are not refundable.


4.1 The Genealogical Computing Group will be managed by a committee elected at each Annual General Meeting to serve for the following twelve months. The committee shall consist of:

a) Chairperson

b) Secretary

c) Treasurer

d) Membership Secretary

e) plus up to six other members making a total of not more than ten (10) committee members.

4.2 The committee will meet at regular intervals to approve the payment of accounts and to transact other business. Full and accurate minutes are to be kept of those meetings.

4.3 Meetings of the committee shall have a quorum of one more than half the number of committee members in total.

4.4 The Genealogical Computing Group will submit an annual group return and such other information as may be required to the council of the NZSG Inc.

4.5 Regional Sub-groups of the GCG may be formed where there are sufficient interested members.

4.5.1 Where Sub-group membership is greater than 15, an annual election of officers of the sub-group shall be held, such officers to include as a minimum Convener, Secretary and Treasurer, who must be members of NZSG. Election results must be promptly notified to the GCG committee for ratification. The officers will organise and conduct a programme of meetings and demonstrations for members.

4.5.2 Smaller Sub-groups may be formed under the control of a local convener (who must be a member of NZSG) recognised by the committee of the GCG. The Convener may co-opt other members to assist him/her to organise and conduct a programme of meetings and demonstrations for members.

4.5.3 Sub-groups shall provide annual returns to the GCG in a form provided by the committee, who will then compile a composite annual return to NZSG.


5.1 The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) of the Genealogical Computing Group is to be held every year between the 1st October 15th November, in accordance with the requirements of the NZSG Inc.

5.2 Notice of the A.G.M. is to be mailed to all financial members of the GCG at least 14 days prior to the date of the A.G.M. and full details published in the next issue of GenCom News.


6.1 A librarian(s) shall be appointed by and be responsible to the committee for the safe custody and administration of the group library. Such appointment(s) shall be ratified annually in December for the following year.

6.2 The library shall consist of -

a) Genealogical computing magazines and newsletters

b) Manuals for non-copyrighted genealogical programs.

c) Booklets.

d) Demonstration disks of genealogical programs.

e) Floppy disks of genealogical data.

6.3 Members of the GCG may -

a) Be placed on the circulation list of periodicals.

b) Borrow library items (Members borrowing items are to pay two way postage cost involved)


7.1 A Newsletter Editor shall be appointed and be responsible to the committee for the production of a group newsletter.

7.2 The Newsletter shall be produced approximately quarterly consisting of articles and other material that will further the aims of and objects of the GCG.

7.3 The Newsletter to be known as GENCOM NEWS shall be registered at the CPO as a magazine and shall comply with New Zealand Post requirement for registered publications. It is to be mailed to all financial members and complimentary copies are to be mailed \to kindred organisations in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere.


8.1 Clauses of these by-laws any only be changed in accordance with clause 23.10 of the NZSG Constitution.

8.2 No addition or alteration of these by-laws shall be approved if it in any way affects or alters the exclusive charitable nature of the GCG.

8.3 No addition or alteration of these by-laws shall be approved if it affects the winding up clause in a manner which provides financial benefits to members of the GCG.


9.1 In the event that the GCG winds up and ceases to be an effective special interest group of the NZSG Inc., the assets of the group shall be transferred to the NZSG Inc. unconditionally.

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